Uncensored McDonalds strip search video of Louise Ogborn

Louise Ogborn is the McDonald’s employee in Kentucky who was the victim of a hoax call and ended up being stripped nude and sexually assaulted in a back office. The footage above was captured on surveillance camera.

The prank caller fooled Louise’s manager Donna into thinking he was a policeman and pretended there had been a complaint of theft made against Louise. He instructed her to strip search Louise, so the pretty teen was led into the back and made to undress while Donna followed the instructions of the caller.

The scam got worse when Donna had to go and finish her shift, so the hoaxer told her to call someone she trusted to take over. She called her fiancee, Walter, who was now in charge of naked Louise and carrying out instructions relayed to him by the fake policeman.

The scam continued as the hoaxer made Walter do a cavity search on her, instructing him to insert his fingers inside her pussy. You can see him examining her bare pussy real close in the CCTV footage above. Then Louise had to do jumping jacks in front of Walter which must’ve been very embarrassing for her.

The fiancee probably couldn’t believe his luck and went along with it, even though he must’ve realised this wasn’t right. Young Louise was too scared and naive to resist, believing the guy at the other end of the phone was a real policeman, and after her ordeal had lasted two and a half hours she was ordered to give Walter a blowjob, which she reluctantly did.

For letting him give her oral sex even though he probably knew it was wrong, Walter was ultimately jailed for five years. Donna had no idea all this was going on while she was working out front (you can see Walter cover Louise up when Donna walks back into the office) and called off their engagement when she found out what had happened and watched the tape back.

Louise was ordered $6.1 million from McDonalds as compensation for the trauma she suffered. Read the full incredible story here.